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Guidelines for Receiving Inmate Property
     As of Monday December 1, 2012 any items received which violate the
following guidelines will be destroyed or donated. 
The prohibited items will NOT be held or returned to the sender. 
    We will not accept:  magazines, hard back books, ink pens, mechanical
pencils, toiletries, or any items which are of a sexually explicit nature.

In person drop off is Monday through Friday 7am - 3pm. All property sent in by mail must have a contents list on the outside or it will be returned to sender. County inmates may have property sent in or dropped off within 14 days of booking date. State inmates may only have items sent in if approved.

Property Permitted

5 white tee white short sleeve shirts (no pockets)

5 bra no underwire

5 underwear Work boots/tennis shoes (RCC Only)
5 socks (pair) High visibility Winter Coat (RCC Only)
1 thermal top/bottom